Benefits Of Spark Aligners

Who doesn’t want a perfect smile – one with beautifully aligned, white teeth? While there are various kinds of toothpaste and gels that may be used to make your teeth strong and sparkling white, there isn’t a DIY solution for misaligned teeth. If your teeth are misaligned or gappy, or your bite is funky, investing in high-quality orthodontic treatment is your best choice. However, if the mispositioning of the teeth is not severe, you might be able to avoid traditional braces in favour of an almost invisible solution such as Spark Clear Aligners. These can accomplish the job effectively and hardly anyone would even know that you’re wearing them! What are some of the other benefits that come with using Spark aligners?

Stain Resistant

There are countless aligners on the market today and many fade and stain with time. This is caused by the ingestion of coloured foods and liquids, the fluctuating pH of the mouth, and the action of microorganisms in the oral cavity. While aligners may be clear when you initially receive them, within days, they can sometimes discolour and become unattractive. Spark Clear Aligners combat this by having a smoother and more stain-resistant surface.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your teeth begin to align once your treatment starts. Spark Clear Aligners designed by your experienced orthodontist, are great at treating a variety of orthodontic issues.


One of the main worries for anyone considering using aligners is the desire to avoid the noticeable and unmissable appearance of braces on their teeth. Patients, often adults, want a more discrete option so they can smile without feeling self-conscious. Clear aligners and especially Spark Clear Aligners are very clear. They are barely visible when worn. Knowing your teeth are being straightened can be your little secret Spark Clear Aligners.


Patients with braces sometimes complain of discomfort – a feeling of tightness or aching when braces are tightened. Additionally, braces can feel lumpy and bumpy causing irritation to the inside of the mouth. Spark aligners move teeth gently and gradually so are usually tolerated very well. The edges of Spark Aligners are hand polished by skilled technicians to feel smooth and comfortable to sensitive cheeks and lips. They’re so comfy that you’ll barely even notice you’re wearing them.


Another obvious advantage of Spark Clear Aligners is their ease of removal. When you’re going to eat something, just remove the aligners, eat to your heart’s desire (no need to avoid all the hard, sticky foods you have to dodge with braces), rinse your mouth, and replace them. It’s a snap to put these aligners on and take them off!

Thorndon Orthodontics’ goal is to put you at ease with your treatment plan and treatment progress. We want you to be enthusiastic about the improvements you notice as your teeth align and feel confident that you made the right choice in transforming your smile. If you have any queries about clear aligners, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team would be more than happy to help!

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