Braces Maintenance And Hygiene Tips

Proper oral hygiene should always be a top priority. When you’re wearing braces, that takes on a whole new meaning. You’re looking forward to having a straight smile once the braces come off. However, if you don’t take extra precautions during the process, you may end up with unsightly stains, white spots, or tooth decay when it’s all said and done. Let’s take a look at these oral hygiene tips to follow while wearing braces to ensure you enjoy that smile in the end.


Brushing your teeth on a regular basis is not a novel concept. When you have braces, however, you must step up your routine. Food enjoys hiding in the nooks and crannies of braces. And failing to brush your teeth properly exposes them to the formation of white spots, tooth decay, and gum disease. Everything you don’t want to deal with once your braces are removed! Brush your teeth at least twice daily and remember, it might take longer to get them sparkly clean than it did before your braces went on. Because your toothbrush bristles are likely to wear out faster with braces, replace them on a regular basis. An electric and a water flosser (such as the Waterpik Cordless Select) are particularly good to maintain excellent oral hygiene around braces.

Introducing A New Type Of Tooth Brush

Adding an interdental brush to your routine will help you be even more diligent. It is a small brush that is typically used to clean between the teeth. It’s also great for brushing under the wire of braces and around the metal brackets. . The small bristles can reach around wires and brackets, getting into places that a regular toothbrush cannot. After brushing regularly, use an interdental brush to remove any plaque left behind around the braces. Take your time to ensure that you get in between every bracket and under both the upper and lower wires. Make an effort to be gentle. You don’t want to be overly aggressive and damage your braces or gums.

Eating Habits To Break

Unconscious habits that can damage braces are something that many people do not consider. Those who like to bite their nails or chew on the lid of a pen can unintentionally pop brackets off or bend wires. If you fall into this category, try to find other activities to keep your hands busy, such as fidget spinners. Biting into particularly hard or chewy food, for example, can cause damage to your braces and wires. Taking smaller bites, avoiding the “no-no” foods and eating with a knife and fork will all help keep this problem at bay.


If you enjoy sports, don’t worry – braces won’t hinder your season! For any contact sports,  you should always wear a mouth guard including at training. Talk to your orthodontist about the best way to manage a mouthguard with braces. A good mouthguard after orthodontic treatment is a great way to protect your beautiful straight pearly whites.

It’s Worth It

There’s no denying that maintaining proper oral hygiene while wearing braces requires extra time and effort. However, having that perfect smile to enjoy once the braces are removed will make it all worthwhile in the end. Thorndon Orthodontics is here to give you a smile that you won’t want to hide. Make a simple appointment request to start your journey to the smile you’ve always wanted!

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