How Long Does It Take To Align Your Teeth?

Clear aligners, like Spark, are an appealing alternative to metal braces if they are suited for you, and the treatment can be just as successful. In many circumstances, the aligners can correct overcrowded, misaligned, or crooked teeth. An aligner resembles a teeth-whitening tray, and you wear them for 22 hours every day. It has a similar straightening effect as braces, but to the naked eye, you’d barely know you’re wearing the trays. In certain circumstances, studies demonstrate that transparent aligners are more effective than metal braces.

Straightening Process:

Now we must comprehend how aligners like Spark and Invisalign function. The technique entails wearing a series of plastic, removable aligners in sequential order. Your orthodontist will create a personalised treatment plan and profile for you, which will include:

  • Photographs
  • A three-dimensional scan of your teeth
  • Examine your X-rays and teeth
  • Determining whether you are a candidate for clear aligners like Spark
  • Creating a treatment plan and simulation

If you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, your orthodontist will construct a 3D computerised model to plan the aligners. This assists your orthodontist in determining where your teeth should shift. Misaligned teeth migrate in phases. Depending on your specific circumstances, you may require anywhere from 6 to 48 aligners for your treatment to be effective. This varies from person to person and influences how long the aligners take to work for you.

Your Job When Receiving Aligners

Of course, your therapy will need to be overseen by an orthodontist. However, once it gets going, you too have some responsibility. To achieve the best results, you must fully commit to the customised plan and wear your aligners as directed by your orthodontist. The duration of aligner therapy varies from person to person, but you will need to wear your aligner for around 22 hours every day during the process.

You can take the aligners out for brief periods of time, generally to eat and drink or brush and floss. Failure to follow your orthodontist’s instructions can have a detrimental impact on how long aligners like Spark take to work, as well as the total time you will need to wear the aligners. For more information on how to look after your aligners, read this blog!

How Long Does Aligning Treatment Take To Work?

When it comes to predicting the length of treatment needed, it all boils down to intricacy. If your case is not very difficult, you might get to the finish line within six months. Patients with more complex alignment requirements may require up to two years of aligner therapy.

The typical treatment period is roughly 12 months, which is a decent rule of thumb to follow. But here’s one of the best parts about clear aligner treatment: you’ll see an improvement after only a few weeks. Sure, the outcomes may appear little at first, but you will notice considerable changes within 4 to 6 weeks of beginning your orthodontic journey. Keep in mind, however, that every patient is unique. You may see improvements in your teeth alignment faster, with aligners like Spark, than your friends who are receiving similar treatment, or you may believe it is taking longer.

Thorndon Orthodontics

The usual time it takes for clear aligners like Spark to work is around a year, but there are a few things you can do to assist decrease that time. Follow your orthodontist’s instructions exactly, and you’ll be smiling a straight and beautiful smile in no time. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us at Thorndon Orthodontics today to determine your suitability for aligners!

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